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Practice Everything you want in our Sport Club

Enjoy practicing your favourite sports as never before, at Hacienda del Álamo. With our spacious and modern facilities, you can participate in the different championships and leagues of golf, tennis, football, basketball, paddle or rugby that we organize. You can also relax after a good game at the bar/cafe near the sports area.



The courts that we provide for these racquet sports are spacious and very comfortable. Concentrate on defeating your opponent and on hitting the ball with the right technique. The rest will be taken care of by the Hacienda del Álamo.

Football, Rugby and Basketball at Sport Club


Sports which require spacious facilities, such as football, basketball or rugby, also have a place in our compound. These pitches are maintained on a daily basis to ensure your performance is enhanced.



In this English sport, played on natural grass or artificial turf, weight-biased balls are rolled so that they get as close as possible to a smaller, white ball. Try it at our resort.