City Council

Fuente Álamo de Murcia Council

Plaza Constitución, 1
30320 Fuente Álamo, Murcia

968 597 001

Opening hours:
from 9 am to 2 pm working days

Local Police

Fuente Álamo Local Police

C/Pedro Guerrero, 66
30320 Fuente Álamo, Murcia
Local Police Phone Number Switchboard (administrative questions / insurers): 968 598 970

Opening hours: from 9 am to 2 pm working days
e-mail: policialocal@ayto-fuentealamo.es

Health Center

Health Center

Ronda Pte., s/n
30320 Fuente Álamo, Murcia

Monday to Friday:
8 am to 3 pm 
Saturday to Sunday:

Teaching centres

Teaching centres

I.E.S Ricardo Ortega:968 597 529
I.E.S Pueblos de la Villa:968 596 027
C.P. Jose Antonio:968 597 352
C.P Nueva Escuela:968 597 807
C.E.I.P San Agustín:968 596 513


Perez Guillermo
C/ Libertad, 2
30320 Fuente Álamo, Murcia
968 597 181

Sanchez Ocaña
C/ Isaac Albéniz, 11
30320 Fuente Álamo, Murcia
968 597 003



C/ Pueblos de la Villa, 1
30320 Fuente Álamo, Murcia
968 597 135



Line 72
Cartagena/Fuente Alamo/Corvera/Murcia
De Cartagena hacía Fuente Álamo:
8:15 am · 9:15 am · 12:00 am · 12:45 pm · 6:30 pm
From Fuente Álamo to Cartagena:
9:00 am · 12:45 am · 3:30 pm · 7:15 pm
Bus stops: Mesón Gran vía and San Cayetano

Urban conservation body (Entidad Urbanística de Conservación – EUC)

The main objective of the EUC is to oversee the conservation and maintenance of municipal urban services networks. In this case:

  • Road cleaning
  • General waste collection
  • Selective waste collection
  • Maintenance of lighting
  • Maintenance of parks, gardens and roundabouts
  • Maintenance of fountains
  • Management of water for drinking and irrigation

They are also responsible for private security services in residential areas. The EUC oversees the construction and aesthetic quality of new buildings, as well as exterior refurbishment of existing buildings. Before any municipal licence can be granted, there needs to be a favourable report from the EUC. All owners of private property plots included in the four local development areas are members of the Conservation and Maintenance Body of the Partial Development Plan at Hacienda del Álamo (Entidad de Conservación y Mantenimiento del Plan Parcial Hacienda del Álamo). Each plot is assigned a commonhold quota, according to which the annual budget will be calculated.

The budget must be approved annually by the Ordinary General Assembly.

Property complex

  • A concept equivalent to a community of owners, defined in writing within the by-laws and governed by the Horizontal Property Act (LPH). The plots described in the by-laws are linked to each other by a series of common interests and by the existence of communal services within the complex, in order to benefit from the advantages of the complex, as well as to be subject to a common framework of rights and obligations.
  • It comprises every plot of the four local development areas of the partial development plan, and for the purpose of the by-laws, plots were assigned “with the obligation” ownership, those obligations being the communal elements that they share in order to be linked.
  • The primary focus is to maintain the plots whose “with obligation” ownership has been assigned through the by-laws, to the remaining plots included in the building complex, along with the maintenance of services that benefit the owners of the plots included within the same communal conditions.
  • It oversees the construction and aesthetic quality of new buildings and exterior refurbishment of existing buildings, as well as the procedures of material division, and the aggregation and division of the plots.
  • Its responsibilities are all those which are additional to the EUC and which do not constitute a basic service, such as event organisation, telecommunications, etc.
  • The budget is divided between each of the plots that make up the building complex of the Partial Plan, according to the number participating in the shared costs.