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Experience the charm and tranquillity that the Pueblo Español (Spanish Village) has to offer

Enjoy Murcia’s most charming commercial area in Hacienda del Álamo. This Spanish Village in Murcia was meticulously created inch by inch, so that you can fully enjoy the charm of a traditional village, all without losing any of the 21st century comfort and convenience. Discover the perfect blend of both worlds that we’ve uniquely combined in our resort.

Traditional Style

Traditional StyleHacienda del Álamo

The style of the squares, arcades, lookout points and of the entire Spanish Village in general is rustic Castilian. This design provides an appeal and character very typical of this southeastern region of the country. It’s the perfect place for lunch, dinner or simply tapas with friends and family, all with stunning views.

Commercial Area


Multipurpose Buildings

Multipurpose BuildingsHacienda del Álamo

In Hacienda del Álamo we have a multipurpose building with different activities and events scheduled. You can also suggest a workshop or exhibition that you wish to organize in the resort. Without a doubt, it’s an unparalleled space to share cultural experiences. Don’t forget to visit it before leaving our complex.

Commercial Areas

Commercial AreasHacienda del Álamo

Find everything you need (and much more) in the different shops and venues we’ve included in this Spanish Village in Murcia. In addition, if you have a business idea, Hacienda del Álamo offers unparalleled conditions for implementing your new trade or restoration project.

Public Spaces

Public SpacesHacienda del Álamo

Small and beautiful alleys, traditional arcades, viewpoints with stunning scenery, shops… The area features many tourist attractions for you to visit while enjoying your stay. The Plaza, the heart of this town, is created in rustic Castilian style, so it maintains the original old village charm.

Peace and Leisure

Peace and LeisureHacienda del Álamo

These two concepts aren’t contradictory in the Murcian Spanish Village. You can enjoy all the sport, shops and restaurants, while at the same time experiencing the relaxation and comfort that the Hacienda del Álamo facilities can offer you. Our aim is your total comfort, and we plan on making sure of it.